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~ Andy's signature catchphrase.

Andy is the Main Protagonist of Undead Unluck.


Andy is tall and muscular with white, slicked back hair. He has a card jammed into his head.


Andy is Insane. He enjoys dying and is always looking for new ways to kill himself. He cares for Fuuko and will go into great dangers to protect her.

Powers & Abilities

Undead: Andy's Negator ability. Allows his to negate his own death. He can not use it to regenerate clothes or negate the deaths of others.

  • Parts Bullet: When regenerating, Andy can launch parts of his body. He mostly uses his fingers or hands 
  • Unamed Launching Technique: If Andy chops off his feet, he can use the force to of the high speed regeneration to jump at incredible heights.
  • Repair Headbutt: Restores his broken neck back into place, at incredible speeds, allowing him to increase the power of his headbutt.

Victor: When Andy removes the card in his head, he turns into his Split Personality Victor, who is cold and uncaring. He also has much better control over Undead.

Swordsmanship: Andy is a master swordsman. He learned from a legendary master years ago.

  • Crimson Crescent Moon: Andy sheaths his sword in his arm, and uses his regeneration to the speed of his Iai slash.


Unbreakable Katana: Stolen from a Union Member. It has the Kanji for Unbreakable on the bottom of the hilt.

Clothes: A tamed UMA. Takes the form of a tuxedo that regenerates when damaged.

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