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Andrew "Andy" Mortimer Anderson is Louie's difficult, but caring father. He is a veteran of World War II and likes to tell his family stories about his experience at the front in Europe.


Much of the humor regarding Andy, involved his comic superiority complex and equally comical unawareness of his own limitations. He also makes up various overblown war stories about himself, while in reality he was just his regiment's cook, albeit not without any achievements - he managed to save his regiment from Japanese divers planning an ambush after he woke them up with screaming after he burned his bottom on his field kitchen's oven.

Though he often appeared out of touch with reality, Andy was secretly a very gifted chess player, a skill Louie briefly displayed possessing, but he hid his gift during the latter half of his life because of the way he was supposedly mistreated for it in his youth (he even went so far as to disguise himself at chess tournaments so he would not be recognized).

He is a proud owner of a Rambler sedan (most probably a 1959 Rambler Six), that appears in various episodes. His catchphrases are "For crying out loud!" and "I heard that."

Despite his appearance, he is a very caring and loving person.


  • In real life, Louie Anderson's father was named Louis Anderson, and was suffering from alcoholism.
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