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Andy Frank is a supporting character in Spawn

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Andy and his brother Eddie were two young boys living with their abusive father after their mother died. Their Father, Joe Frank, brutally beat them both often, especially when drunk. When little Andy metSpawn, however, everything changed.

Andy found Spawn sick on a sidewalk after he had returned from Hell with Angela. Unafraid, Andy took him home and showed him to his brother Eddie, but hid him from their father. The brothers nursed Spawn back to health, but a series of events led to Eddie killing their father and the two boys being sent to juvenile detention in Florence, Alabama.

Years later, the two escaped detention and traveled for two weeks to get to New York and find Spawn. In the big city, Eddie fell in with a dealer named Snakeand began working for him, but he shielded young Andy from what he was doing. When they finally found Spawn's alley, they were led in by Cog. Spawn's heartless disinterest in them angered Eddie and just confused poor Andy.

Later, when Snake found out that they knew Spawn, he tricked Eddie into luring them to him. A battle ensued, and Andy was shot. Eddie retaliated against Snake and inadvertently killed him, his second murder. Afterwards, Andy was admitted and cleared at the hospital (only a flesh wound) and they made amends with Spawn. They then returned voluntarily to their Juvenile center in Alabama.Andy was not seen since.