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You know how many foster parents I've had in the past five years? Three.
~ Andy about his family situation

Andy Moffett is a hero from the 1979 television series, The Facts Of Life. He helps the girls deal with their plethora of personal troubles and adds a layer of depth to the show's story lines.

He is portrayed by Mackenzie Astin.

He has blond hair and maintains a prepubescent appearance up to the end of the series. He has a very positive outlook on life despite his own personal tragedies. He is adopted by Beverly Ann Stickle (Mrs. Garrett's replacement).

Andy is introduced in the series as a kid who is hired to work at Mrs. Garrett's shop 'Edna's Edibles'. Depending on the episode's story line, Andy is always present to provide support or solve the girls' troubles. In addition, Andy's character develops from being a naive 12 year old boy to a more mature 15 year old young adult.

His last appearance is in the 1987 movie The Facts Of Life Down Under. Andy's story line ends with him deciding to be serious in his life's direction by possibly pursuing sheep farming, astrophysics, or one of the other fields he has a strong interest in.

Some of his heroic deeds include:

  • Taking inventory when 'Edna's Edibles' burned down
  • Acting as an interested shopper when the store was re-opened as 'Over Our Heads'
  • Dressing up as a munchkin to help Tootie's party when it went awry
  • Encouraging Blair to buy Eastland Academy
  • Helping the girls capture a couple of jewel thieves


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