Template:InfoboxAndy Warski is the main protagonist of the slender series, realmadnessx.


The RMX Channel

The channel originally was going to serve as a documentary for Andy's personal life with his best friend Joe as the camera mab, the first video consists of Andy playing his guitar. A video later, Andy lost his phone and tries to find it with the help of Joe, extreme distortions are seen in both videos. Andy's phone was found by him in the middle of a local forest. Worried by the situation, he calls Nick and Andrew to check the footage.

The Dialzerox Channel

A response channel was created by an unknown person with a interest in Andy and his friends. The first video consists of a edited negative effect footage of a masked man covered in Operator Symbols and singing Daisy Daisy. The second and last response video consists of a edited red blur footage of a man with a clown mask know as B0zo holding a message on paper.

The Journalist and The Empty City

After a number of events, a investigator only know as The Journalist, he or she found a notebook inside a bag at Rattray Narsh, the notebook had the channel's password written on it. The Journalist believes that the channel is linked to a number of mysterious dissapearances in Andy's local area. Meanwhile, Andy is currently trapped in some sort of mirror dimension know as The Empty City.

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