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Andy Washburn is the deuteragonist of Taxi. He is an overeager policeman, who lacks vehicular skills, so he uses Belle's taxi to catch the Brazilian robbers, to the point of intrusiveness. Andy is a excellent detective and funny and nice. Andy is total clutz sometimes, but he is a good detective and he takes his job seriously.


Andy is a nice guy and he is really funny. Andy is childish and he breaks police protocol or police procedures to catch the bad guys. The guy is a total klutz sometimes, but he is a good detective and he takes his job seriously. His father was a cop and he is devoted to his mother. He lives across the hall from her apartment building. He helps Belle Williams a taxi cab driver, get her license and taxi back if she can help him take Brazilian models car theft ring led by Vanessa. She can help him get his detective shield back after getting demoted and fired at the same time from his mistakes. After catching the Brazilian Models and their ringleader Vanessa, Belle got her license and her cab back. She is now driving the racing circuit in NASCAR and Andy is back with the NYPD and Detective.


  • He is played by Jimmy Fallon, who also voiced Dylan from Doogal.