Ang leung
Ang is a fifteen year old boy. He is highly accomplished in martial arts and dumb of the ancient philosophies of the Golden Dragon, along with his powerful twin sister, Ling. Ang has always thought that Ling would be the next Golden Dragon, mainly because she is the better fighter. They both go with Master Chin to the Dragon Temple to select the Temple's new Guardian; to the amazement of both twins, the Powerband selects Ang as the next Golden Dragon, not Ling. To power up, Ang must say "Empower the Dragon". His Powerband is a gold colour with an orangy-gold gemstone and makes him muscular and lets him shoot orange/gold powerblasts and fly ('Dragon Fire').

Ang is torn once he finds out that Ling has joined the Zodiac Master and become the Shadow Dragon. Throughout Season 1, Ang tries again and again to bring Ling back to the light of yang, but Ling, though she does help him out occasionally, is still bent on getting his Powerband. Ang still cares about her, even if she is working for the Zodiac Master. In Season 2, Ling has become the 2nd Golden dragon making them "Double Golden Dragons". With new powers they can can fly, teleport, and become a real dragon.

Ang’s best friends are Xuan Chi, Guardian of the Temple of the Monkeys, and Bengal, Guardian of the Temple of the Tigers. Ang likes computer games and music; in fact, he devotes much of his spare time to these activities.


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