Ange le Carré is the main protagonist in the anime, Princess Principal. Her birth name is Charlotte but only Princess knows this. She is known as Ange in the series.


Despite her tough exterior, Ange is a very kind-hearted girl. As a child, she taught Princess how to read, write, and even play piano. She has also been repeated referred to as kind by the Princess when helping others. However, because of the nature of her work and her goals, she has become quite adept at lying, although she seems to enjoy teasing the other members of her team by mixing truths with outrageous lies in their interactions.


Ange was born sometime in the 20th century in London and is actually the real Princess of the Albion Kingdom. Growing up, she was always isolated and felt removed from the palace life forced upon her - learning etiquette, languages, dancing, and everything else required of her. At some point, Ange decided to escape this life and visited an old well in the imperial gardens (later revealed that she planned to "disappear forever" into). During this trip, she ran into another commoner girl who looked surprisingly similar to her, who introduced herself as Ange (Princess). The two became fast friends and would spend their time together and playing pranks on their caretakers by switching roles due to their similar appearance. On the day of the revolution, the two friends had decided to switch places so Ange could see the world outside the palace. Unfortunately, the revolution occurred, dividing the Albion nation into the Kingdom and the Commonwealth - trapping the two on opposite sides in their reversed roles. Ange began her life in the Commonwealth and Princess took over Ange's place as the Princess of the Albion Kingdom.

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