Eh, me, it can't be helped.
~ Angel.
Don't make such a scary face! With your bad technique, you can't get me excited at all.
~ Angel's win quote.

Angel is an anti-heroine/anti-villainess in The King of Fighters video game series, originally appearing in The King of Fighters 2001. She is a former assassin and agent of NESTS.


  • Miina Tominaga - KOF 2001
  • Mayumi Shintani - KOF 2002
  • Miki Ogura - KOF XIV ~ present


Angel was known as the agent of the secret organization NESTS, she was assigned to pay close attention to the experiment K9999, the purpose of which was to find rebellious experiments that left NESTS. Angel seems to belong to hate that they want to mention her own weight, but writing it will be punished and the advantage of this is not relatively rude. At the end of the tournament, it was revealed that Angel and K9999 were actually killing Kula Diamond and her guardians.

Although it is suggested that Foxy is surely injured by them, this ending is considered to be a non-canon. According to the 2001 novel, she and K9999 disappeared in the aftermath, and their whereabouts are unknown. After betraying NESTS, Angel continued to escape and was chased by loyalists of the organization. In addition, when Angel arrives at another place and seeks her enemies, unexpectedly she suffers an ambush from Rugal Bernstein, thus K9999 has should protected her from being victimized.

However, Angel is not allowed to entangle with K9999 again, as well as to give up her own life and return to Mexico to continue training. When Ramon invited her to participate in the competition. Due to her unbelievable disciplinary behavior as would result in a contented benefit, she is accepted in the tournament, tired of living in the shadows and having the mood to do it.


Angel is a relaxed, flirting, interesting person, although she worked as an assassin of NESTS before the organization was dissolved, but she behaved like a cat. She is also very violent and sadistic.




  • Could be seen as one to Shermie. Their profiles have more than a few common points: promiscuous and flirty, a tad bit ditzy, buxom (they're tied for 1st among the KOF ladies at 92 cm)... and far more dangerous than one would peg them at a first glance. The only big differences are their superiors (supernatural vs. science) and their styles of wrestling (Japanese/puroresu vs. American). The two even made their debut at the climax of their respective sagas.


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