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Why is the name Angel only given to Porno stars and tough ass Mexican dudes? I have no idea but this dude’s got some sweet ass naked chick tattoos that use his real life nipples! I’m aroused…wait, no I’m not! But forget about the tattoos, the force is strong in Darth Cholo!!! Don’t you know he’s loco?
~'s description of Angel

Angel is a minor recurring character in The Nutshack.


Angel is very strong, but very nice. He works at an auto shop with his friend Ed. He is a little bit of a hot head as seen in the season one episode Blackapino, but can be very calm.

He meets Jack in the first episode when Phil is showing Jack around Daily City. Angel hangs around his stoner friend Ed, but is not seen actually smoking with him.

He is a very good friend to Phil and Jack and is very funny. He's always having fun and is a real smooth talker as seen in the season one episode Pimp My Jeepney.


Ed - Angel seems to hang around Ed most of the time, usually working with him in the auto shop that he works at.


  • Angel shot Jack in the rear and gave him two buttholes.
  • Angel calls Jack "Jack in the box" as a nickname.
  • Angel can resurrect people by talking to Jesus or plugging in a NES controller and doing the Konami Code but when they come back, they come back as their inner mexican.
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