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Hero Overview

I've been staying at this crappy hotel on the other side of town. Some broads are letting me stay rent free if I play nice. You know, no fights, no pranks, no problematic language, her words not mine. Ugh, these crazy bitches are no fun, I've been clean for two weeks.
~ Angel complaining about the hotel to Cherri

Anthony, more commonly known as Angel Dust, is the deuteragonist of the web/television adult animated series Hazbin Hotel.

He is an adult film star and the first patient at the Happy Hotel. A spider demon who elected to be the first the Hotel is to redeem, his selfish actions of using the Hotel as a rent-free living space threaten to jeopardize Charlie's dream.

He is voiced by Michael Kovach in the pilot, who is also set to voice Serial Designation N in Murder Drones. It is currently unknown who will voice him in season 1.


Angel Dust is a spider-demon. He is about eight feet tall and wears long dark pink thigh-high boots. His pupils are pink, and his scleras are light yellow in the right eye and dark pink in the left eye.

His skin/fur is white, with some light pink dots on his hair. He has a large bust sticking out of his white and pink-striped suit. He also wears a dark pink bow-tie, a choker, 4 pink gloves and black shorts.

When he is a drag queen, his hair is longer, due to him wearing a wig. However, in art Vivienne has done, he tends to put highlights or patterns in his hair whenever doing drag as well.


Angel has a slutty attitude and witty sense of humor, and doesn't let insults or pain stop him. As his name suggests, he is a drug addict and is often seen smoking, drinking, or snorting anything addictive.

Angel also has a violent side to him as he has sometimes started or gotten into fights with either his fists or guns, and he relishes in fighting.

He also appears to be prideful and desperate to present himself as someone strong, even going as far to blow off friends who think he is showing signs of vulnerability. Despite having a violent and prideful side, Angel is protective of those he deems to be friendly, such as Cherri Bomb, and Charlie, whom he did eventually feel pity for damaging the reputation of the hotel.

However, beneath this demeanor lies a much more tragic and vulnerable side of Angel Dust that he is afraid to show to the rest of Hell. Due to his frequent emotional, mental, and physical abuse(including rape) from his boss, Valentino, Angel has low self esteem, intense depression, and often cries in private.

The only person who knows of this is Cherri Bomb, but tries to never show this side to anyone else, not even Charlie. Only time will tell if he will one day demolish the walls around his heart and let other people see him for who he truly is.



Angel Dust's death is confirmed to have been the result of a drug overdose, a habit he still has in the afterlife.

After arriving in Hell as a damned soul, Angel Dust alternated hanging around with Cherri Bomb and helping her in turf wars against Sir Pentious, while working for his landlord Valentino as both a male prostitute and actor in porn films, with Valentino also demanding sexual favors from him. Angel Dust wasn't the best employee or tenant, eventually owing a great deal of debt and unpaid rent to his boss.

One day he tried to do his boss a favor, finalizing a drug deal with a group of shark demons. It went badly, turning into an argument and then into a fight, with Angel Dust ultimately drawing four sub-machine guns and gunning the sharks down. Unfortunately, this forced him to leave empty-handed, and Valentino was not pleased at all, especially since the botched deal caused Angel Dust to miss a scheduled film shoot. As punishment, the pimp ordered him to offer himself on the street until he earned enough to make up for it.

His luck seemed to change when, after several demons seemed uninterested in his services, Charlie and Vaggie pulled up in a limousine, having spent the whole day looking for test subjects for their new project and getting no takers. After explaining the concept of their Hotel, Angel Dust seemed as skeptical as anyone else, but when Charlie offered to pay the debt and unpaid rent he owed Valentino, Angel Dust said he would at least consider it.

Hazbin Hotel

The series starts with Angel Dust a tenant at the Hotel, having accepted Charlie's offer. When Charlie appears on Katie Killjoy's show to promote the project, she uses Angel Dust as evidence that her idea at least shows promise, stating he has been clean and sober for two weeks,.

Unfortunately, this is when Katie gets breaking news that Angel Dust is at that moment involved in the latest turf war against Sir Pentious, showing he has relapsed, not only seeming to debunk Charlie's claim but humiliating her in public.

Later in the episode, Vaggie scolds him for potentially ruining the whole project, Angel Dust at first seeming apathetic and having second thoughts. Later, he and the rest of the staff fight and defeat Sir Pentious, who attacks the Hotel seeking revenge.


  • "Angel dust" is a slang term for phencyclidine (or PCP) a dangerous and highly addictive hallucinogenic drug.
  • He is Arackniss' younger brother.
  • According to an old sketch by Vivziepop, Arackniss was actually the one that killed Angel after giving him a black eye. However, this might be outdated information.
    • Given that the ADDICT music video gave away that Angel died of overdose, this is most likely the case.
  • He seems not to know who Alastor is on the first appearance of Alastor.


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