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Angel Dust is an infamous adult-film superstar, a 1940's mobster, and one of the main characters of Hazbin Hotel. As an A-list, drug-addicted, gay porn star and celebrity, his antics complicate the Happy Hotel and its success as he becomes the hotel's first patient.


Angel Dust is a spider-demon. He is about eight feet tall and wears long dark pink thigh-high boots. His pupils are pink, and his scleras are light yellow in the right eye and dark pink in the left eye. His skin/fur is white, with some light pink dots on his hair. He has a large bust sticking out of his white and pink-striped suit. He also wears a dark pink bow-tie, a choker, 4 pink gloves and black shorts.

When he is a drag queen, his hair is longer, due to him wearing a wig. However, in art Vivienne has done, he tends to put highlights or patterns in his hair whenever doing drag as well.



  • He is Arackniss's younger brother.
  • According to an old sketch by Vivziepop, Arackniss was actually the one that killed Angel after giving him a black eye. However, this might be outdated information.
  • He seems not to know who Alastor is on the first appearance of Alastor.
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