Angel Murphy

Angel Murphy is a supporting character in the Savage Dragon comics.


Angel was the daughter of Jennifer Murphy also known as Smasher who had an abusive husband until her mother unlocked her powers and accidently killed him. later on Smasher and her daughter meet Dragon and she would form a bond with Dragon has her step father and Jennifer dating him. She would later meet Mr. Glum who was mistaken for a toy until in Dimension X where he reveals his true colors. Angel later meets Malcolm and the two would form a bond. As Angel was growing up she would later date Frank Darling Jr. and it is shown that she was best friends with Maxine who would later become Malcolm's wife. Angel is also shown to have feelings for her foster brother Malcolm.

Powers and ablities

Angel has superhuman strength,speed,stamina,and Durabilty that she had inhert from her mother.

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