Angela Anaconda

Angela Anaconda is a tomboyish, imaginative, freckle-faced and eccentric 8-year-old girl eschewing the femininity commonly associated with other girls her age, particularly the feminine personality aspects shown by her stuck-up classmate and rival Nanette Manoir. She greatly despises Nanette for her heartless, snobby behavior and her failed attempts at the stereotypical refinement, behavior, language and fashion of the French, as she believes that she is French herself.

Angela resides in the town of Tapwater Springs with her parents, two dimwitted elder brothers, her adorable baby sister Lulu, and closest friends; Johnny Abatti, Gordy Rhinehart, and Gina Lash. Throughout the series, Angela has a tendency to engage in dream sequences, like numerous other fictional characters depicted in media, most of which feature her torturing Nanette Manoir or seeking vengeance on her in unrealistic fashions. She often imagines unusual things happening to Nanette including geting tossed into the air during an ice routine and falls through the ice then getting frozen into a block of ice. She also occasionally has these fantasies about her teacher, Mrs. Brinks, who dislikes Angela and favors Nanette.

Like all the other characters in the series, Angela is created and animated using computer-distorted cutouts of black-and-white photos of an actual person.

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