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Angela Valdez is a major character in the Starz TV Show Power. She is a district attorney and the love interest of James St. Patrick. She is played by Lela Loren.


Angela grew up with James “Ghost” St. Patrick in a rough neighborhood but managed to escape using her intellect, ambition, and determination. Just as she’s assigned the biggest task of her career and on the cusp of achieving everything she’s worked for, Angela has a chance encounter with Ghost—or as she knows him “Jamie”—her past love. The relationship might jeopardize everything, but it seems that the flame for Ghost never quite went all the way out. Angela constantly encourages Ghost to channel the integrity within him, adding more incentive for Ghost to make the changes to his life that he desires. Although Angela is now living the life she’s always wanted, her feelings for Ghost make it clear that even though her intellect helped her escape her home long ago, she never truly left her childhood behind.