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I hear your company had no qualms letting you suffer extremely grievous injuries... Relax, I've been informed by an insider. It's worth knowing, don't you think?
~ Angelia.
I do talk to people sometimes, just in rather unusual ways...such as bending them over and shoving them into the toilet. It's very useful in getting them to tell the truth.
~ Angelia.

Anna Viktorovna Tsoi, also known as Angelia or Angie or Ange in short is the major heroine in the android mobile video game, Girls' Frontline and serves as one of the supporting protagonists in the story. She is the former commander of Griffin & Kryuger and the team leader of DEFY. She also worked for Bureau of State Security under Victor Pavlovich Zelinsky although she was deemed as the traitor for unknown reason and was also an archenemy of Yegor. She also have a history with M4A1 and the past relationship with Persica.

She was also voiced by Satou Rina.


As Anna Viktorovna Tsoi, Angelia was born in Tashkent, Uzbekisten and was the only daughter of Viktor Tsoi, who worked as the railway engineer and Svetlana Sin, who worked as the secondary school teacher.

Mirror Stage

After Angelia and AK-12 managed to land the helicopter, only to be arrested by the Stasi who tortured Angelia and accused her of igniting the riot in the refugee settlement area and killing Morridow, though she tried to told them the truth that Morridow was the spy of Paradeus.

The next morning after the incident, Angelia returned to the Galatea Sanatorium and visited Leone again to inform her that she will protect her from Paradeus. She also reminded her that she was used by Grey as the pawn in order to take control of her technology and used the queens-of-the-night for the terrorist attack, which prompted the scientist into giving in her persuasion. Then, Angelia have RPK and the Stasi to protect Leone as she, 49 and 15 went to confront Grey in her lab.

Angelia and the her team then rushed back to the Galatea Sanatorium and managed to help J and Light who have returned after he was recovered to drive off the Paradeus soldiers and defeat the Nytos. When J demanded of the situation, Angelia told him that

Poincare Recurrence

Angelia briefly appears in the story as she was a prisoner of Paradeus as they tortured her and was used for having the Commander to give Morridow back to them. Angelia pleaded him/her not to listen to them, only for her to be silenced by the torture.


Angelia is a serious, determined and brutally effective convert ops commander who was determined to accomplish her tasks. However, she have the sense of humor as she often teased her subordinates

Later following her torture after being accused of igniting the riot in the refugee settlement and killing Morridow, she became rash, reckless, stubborn and hot-headed as she was willing to use extreme moves in order to stop Paradeus, even she refused to listen her allies' opinions and was willing to go against the order. Eventually, her reckless and rash behavior costed her of her comrades' lives and her capture.


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