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Angelica is a Sky Dancer trom the animated series. And she is also a country rock princess and the leader of the Sky Dancers.


Angelica became one of the Sky Dancers after Sky Clone had resurfaced. With her power to stop time, Angelica proved to be one of the stronger Sky Dancers and a major threat against Sky Clone and his minions.

Sky Clone often targeted Angelica, such as when she was injured while skiing and lost her confidence in her Sky Dancing abilities. Sky Clone's Imps were sent to ensure Angelica would leave the Sky Dancers. This plan almost succeeded, but thanks to the Tinker, Angelica found her self-confidence and rejoined the Sky Dancers. However, she is also shamed Dame Skyla during a recorded performance for television. Instead of her usual dance outfit, Angelica opted for something a bit more lavished, which impeded her ability to dance and caused her to fall.

Although Dame Skyla showed her disappointment, she was proud of Angelica when she discovered Sky Clone's plot to pose as Skyla's deceased husband, Skyler.


  • Angelica is one of the six playable characters in the Sky Dancers Board Game.