Angelo is the titular main character from Angelo Rules. He is an 11 year old kid who’s always thinking of schemes to help himself get what he wants. He is supremely confident and if he doesn’t find the perfect solution to a problem right away, he’ll improvise. Usually, Angelo finds a way to win in the end and often it’s with a couple of uncalculated side effects. But Angelo’s attitude is positive – it was all worth it.


Angelo wears a maroon jacket that orange stripes and has the brand initial "HSH" in the middle, with a t-shirt underneath. He also wears baggy grey jeans and white jogging sneakers. His hairstyle is combed spiky hair. He is Caucasian.


Angelo is a trouble maker. He cares about others and stands up for justice. He thinks of Tracy as his arch nemesis, and doesn't tolerate her evil ways. His interests are video games, skateboarding, basketball, and socializing on Angelo also likes a rock-band slobber He knows his way around friends and family and knows their sweet spots and weaknesses. He ends up helping people and putting smiles on people's faces, that is, if his plans don't backfire.

Powers and Abilities

  • State of Mind - User can enter a special State of Mind, where they understand who they are and what their true purpose is. They are able to gain new abilities, as well as increase their current abilities. Users are also able to achieve outstanding feats that others are rarely capable of. User's intelligence increases, they gain hyper awareness, increased speed, strength, reflexes, gain great mental focus, etc.
  • Intellect Adjustment - User can adjust the intellectual comprehension to increase/decrease situational awareness and ability to process information.
  • Performance Art Manipulation - The user can manipulate performance arts, anything that has to do with singing, acting and dancing, allowing them to manipulate plays and music, how good or bad the performance art is, how "realistic" the performance art seems to be, etc.



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