Angelo is the titular main character from Angelo Rules. He is an 11 year old kid who’s tends to coming up with schemes to help himself get what he wants. He is supremely confident and if he doesn’t find the perfect solution to a problem right away, he’ll improvise. Usually, Angelo finds a way to win in the end and often it’s with a couple of uncalculated side effects. But Angelo’s attitude is positive – it was all worth it.


Angelo is an Caucasian kid. He also wears a maroon jacket that orange stripes and has the brand initial "HSH" in the middle, with a t-shirt underneath.


Despite his trouble-making demeanor, Angelo is ultimately a good-natured kid who cares about others and stands up for justice. He thinks of Tracy as his arch nemesis, and doesn't tolerate her evil ways. His interests are video games, skateboarding, basketball, and socializing on Angelo also likes a rock-band slobber He knows his way around friends and family and knows their sweet spots and weaknesses. He ends up helping people and putting smiles on people's faces, that is, if his plans don't backfire.



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