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The Angry Birds are a group of birds that appear in the popular Rovio game, Angry Birds. The birds are named Red (a cardinal), Chuck (a canary), Jay, Jim and Jake (three bluebirds), Bubbles (an oriole), Hal (a toucan), Matilda (a chicken), Bomb (a finch), Terence (a cardinal), Mine (a duck), Stella (a Galah), Poppy (a Cockatiel), Willow (a pigeon), Luca (a scrub jay), Dahlia (a Great Horned Owl), Gale (a starling), Tony (a big blue tanager) Hockey bird (a bird player of hockey), Silver (a falcon) and The Mighty Eagle (a bald eagle). They strive to protect their eggs from their archenemies, the Bad Piggies, and their leader, King Pig.


Angry Birds

The birds appear as the player's characters. He must fling them to kill the Pigs.

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, they are accompanied by an exclusive character called Mighty Dragon.

Angry Birds Rio

Red, The Blues and Chuck are captured by three smugglers and Nigel holds a "Wanted" poster in Angry Birds Rio. They later return to their home after defeating Nigel in the smuggler's plane. It is unknown how they got back to rescue the dolphin captives (possibly took a ship) based on its sequel film.

Angry Birds Space

The group features the original characters and joined by an additional species of bird made of ice in Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Some birds are represented as the members of Rebel Alliance from the original Star Wars film. They will implement the adventures and strategies against Larth Vader and his minions of Pork Side.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

The birds from the previous Star Wars-themed game are returned to the sequel, where the new journey has begun.

Angry Birds Go!

All birds are appeared in Rovio's first-ever racing game.

Angry Birds Friends

They are eventually appeared in Facebook-compatible online game but both Red and Chuck are bots in every tournament.

Angry Birds Stella

Only Stella appears in this fairy tale-themed game with new types of female birds.

Bad Piggies

Some birds would appear as obstacles in this spin-off of Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Epic

The original five birds appear as playable characters while Mighty Eagle and Terence appear as non-playable characters in this RPG game.

Angry Birds POP!

All the birds except for Hal, Bubbles and the Mighty Eagle appear as playable characters with some being in the main modes and some being limited time only.

Angry Birds Blast!

The original five birds and Bubbles are trapped in balloons forcing the player to pop them to free the birds.

Angry Birds Transformers

All the birds were transformed into the Autobirds when the EggSpark arrived on Piggy Island though some also became Deceptihogs too.

Angry Birds 2

All the birds appear in the direct sequel to the original Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Match

Red, Chuck, Bomb and later Silver appear as playable characters while Matilda, The Blues and the Mighty Eagle appear as non-playable characters.

Angry Birds Evolution

The original five birds, Terence and the Mighty Eagle appear as playable characters in the game.

Angry Birds POP Blast

All the birds except for Hal, Bubbles and the Mighty Eagle appear as playable characters in the game.

Angry Birds Reloaded

All the birds appear as playable characters in the game.

Angry Birds: Mayhem Simulator

Red sells eggs in the Hatchling Shop. Red, Chuck, Stella, Silver and Bomb appeared as character bundles in the game when it was called Angry Birds: Bird Island with the former three being free and the latter two being required to be purchased with 999 Robux.

Angry Birds Journey

Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver and Stella appear as playable characters in the game.



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