~ Angry Dad's famous quote.

Angry Dad is a minor character in the animated series The Simpsons. He is a character inspired by Homer Simpson and then adopted on the Internet by Bart Simpson, he is also the stereotype of the father.


Angry Dad is a man still angry, despite that Bart inspired his father's angry actions, he destroys everything in his path (as for example he presses the button to destroy the nuclear power plant), he is also idiotic, to because of the nonsense he does.


Angry Dad looks strangely like Homer Simpson, except that he is drawn in a simple way and he has an angry face.


  • Bart once considered having John Goodman play the role of Angry Dad in the Angry Dad movie that he was planning, with Homer, in obvious rage, suggesting Gary Oldman.
  • Bart's idea for a Homer Humiliator had Homer pictured very similar to Angry Dad, and holding a newspaper.
  • The new logo of Gut Check with Homer Simpson from "Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson" is Angry Dad.
  • Copies of Angry Dad can be seen in the Kwik-E Mart newspaper stands in the Simpsons world of LEGO Dimensions.
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