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Come the f*ck on! I want to play Unreal Tournament!
~ Leopold
Sausage eggs!
~ Leopold famous catchphrase

The Angry German Kid (born November 30, 1994), or simply refered to as Leopold, is the titular main protagonist of any parodist's Angry German Kid series. He is well known for his outburst and him smashing keyboards. He is portrayed by Norman Kochanowski.


Due to the lack of lighting, Leopold looks like his blue and having black hair. His true appearance is that he has a normal skin color and a blonde. He wears glasses, white shirt and seemingly long sleeved pants.


In most parody series, Leopold is portrayed as dimwitted, neurotic, egocentric, irrational, irresponsible, lazy, bratty, hotheaded and very pushy. He is extremely unintelligent and/or misinformed, he is often abusive towards others and has little to no respect to almost anybody (except his friends), not even his family, he has an extremely short attention span, barely any self-control as well as chronic severe mood swings.

He sees the world in black and white terms, things being either absolutely good or bad. For example, he adores Unreal Tournament, sausage eggs and playing video games, but he loathes his father, school, and his teachers, and generally hates everyone else other than himself and his friends. He acts arrogant and edgy, and keeps bragging about himself to compensate for his extremely low self-esteem, much in vain.

For some reason, despite his issues, Leopold is a teenager who makes friends quickly, has a good sense of humor even though he often cannot laugh at himself, and isn't completely withdrawn to his PC. He uses his keyboard as his weapon of choice.