Gloryhammer - TFTKOF

Gloryhammer - TFTKOF

Angus Mcfife is the name of two characters, the protaganist of Tales  From the Kindgom of Fife and his descendant; Angus Mcfife the 13th the protaganist of Space 1992:Rise Of the Chaos Wizards

Angus Mcfife

The first character  with the name is the prince of the land of Fife, who swears vengance  against the wizard  Zargothrax after undead unicorns invade the lan. While lamenting a imprisoned  princess, starts his journey by finding  the hammer of glory.   Afterwards he  awakens, with the aid of wizards a magic dragon, which he begins to ride.  He once agains laments the aformentioned princess, whoms frozen prison begins to thaw. After she is free, the quest for the amulent  begins. The amulent being found, they journey to the city of Crail to rally the knights there. After the knights are rallied they begin to prepare for the final battle.   Angus and his allies come across a tower that they cannot climb, so they decide to go through the caverns of the dwarves.  In the fights conclusion; Zargothrax is encased in liquid ice.   

Angus Mcfife the 13th

Mcfifes descendant who rules over Fife,now an intergalatic empire.  After the Chaos Wizards, followers of Zargorthrax free him from his prison slaying the knights of Crail on the fortress of Triton; Mcfife begins his  journey weilding the astral hammer slaying goblins along the way.  He meets the Hollywood Hootsman and the reincarnated Space Knghts of Crail and they rally while Mcfife absorbs solar energy, culmating in a final battle over Mars. Meanwhile Zargorthrax  uses a crystal key given  to  him by the Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy unleashing a demon from another  dimension. In  a last act of desperation  the Hootsman destroyes earth saving the rest of the galaxy. In a simmeral act of desperation, Zargothrax creates a portal to another dimension while Mcfife gives chase. 

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