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You go near my daughter again, I'll cut them off and use them as bait. Are we clear?
~ MacDonald, warning Douglas to stay away from his daughter.

Angus Og MacDonald was a supporting protagonist in the 2018 movie Outlaw King.

He was portrayed by Tony Curran.

MacDonald was the Lord of Islay and the husband of Aine. He was a close friend and right hand of the young Robert Bruce.

In the wake of the execution of William Wallace, Bruce decided he had enough of the English occupation of Scotland and began moving to oppose their continued presence. MacDonald was one of the first Scottish nobles to support Bruce in the renewed fight against the English. After Bruce had killed John Cromyn and the Scottish Bishops convinced Bruce to become the Scottish King, MacDonald accompanied Bruce and his family to Scone. On the way they met the young James Douglas, who swore himself to Bruce's service.

After an English sneak attack, MacDonald was one of the few men who managed to escape with Bruce. MacDonald helped lead the survivors to Islay. Returning home, he was greeted by his less then pleased wife, who demanded in colorful terms to know where he had been for four months after telling her he would only be gone three weeks.

During their time on Islay, MacDonald noticed that the young Douglas was paying a bit too much attention to his daughter. During a training session, MacDonald warned Douglas that if he went near his daughter again he would cut off the younger man's reproductive organs and use them as bait. Douglas responded by giving MacDonald a kiss, and saying he tasted sweeter, much to the annoyance of MacDonald.

MacDonald fought alongside Bruce in the Battle of Loudoun Hill. There Bruce's forces defeated a much larger English army, sending Prince Edward's humiliated forces scrambling back to England. In the years that followed, MacDonald continued to serve as a major military commander in Bruce's war against the English. His descendants would continue to be Lords of Islay.

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