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Anita is a minor character in Suikoden II.


During the Dunan Unification War, Anita met Riou and that asked him to perform various tasks, such as giving her antitoxin for a spider bite she suffered from, filling her drinking glass, and complimenting her looks. Entertained by him, she agrees to join his cause. As well as she has a long standing rivalry with another of Roundier Haia's pupils, Valeria.

She is always training to be the better swordmistress, but that so far she has only won one duel against Valeria out of ten. After the war, she was traveled to the Toran Republic to challenge Valeria, but after resulting to a draw, she resumed her journey.


  • Anita is wandering swordwoman with a tumultuous past with a general from the Toran Republic. She joins when Riou is kind to her, or if said Toran general confronts her about her lazy manners.
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