Anita Knight is Victor's partner and one of the main characters and protagonists of The Secret Show. She is one of the few female agents at U.Z.Z (along with Lucy Wu and Agent Kowalski).


Anita is a young woman who is on the much shorter side, being around the same height as Victor. She has long blonde hair with a curly end, held back by a purple headband. She wears the same outfit as Victor does, an U.Z.Z suit, except purple (which is the same shade as her headband) and black dress shoes. Anita has freckles on her face, long pointy nose, and purple eyes.


Anita is one of U.Z.Z.'s top agents and is partnered with Victor Volt. She was recruited at the World Olympics as an expert gymnast, snowboarder, martial arts, and weaponry expert. In "The Abyss", she is revealed to be allergic to saltwater. When her body comes in contact with it, she sprouts a mermaid's tail on her lower body.


Anita is an intelligent, headstrong woman who can manage to get herself out of a pinch in a few seconds. She is capable of handling herself in tough situations thanks to her bravery and skilled combat. Anita is usually the one to handle conflict and keep her and Victor out of trouble (since Victor is usually the one to start it). She is obedient and highly focused on the task at hand, keeping everyone on track.

She tends to think before she acts, but when things go bad, she acts quickly and heads straight into action when needed.


Victor Volt


Victor and Anita are both partners and good friends, though she often grows impatient with him because of his immature nature. Out of the two, she plays the straight-man of the group and keeps them in line. But, when they put aside their differences; they make a great and almost unstoppable team.


Anita and Alphonse first met in the episode Bogie Ball, where she shows sympathy and even comforts him when he loses his giant ball made of bogies. From that point on, he has shown interest in her from time to time praising and complimenting her. It is implied that she may show romantic interest towards him (much to Victor's dismay).


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