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I am the fury of the blizzard, the bite of the wind, and the cold of the ice. I am the Freljord.
~ Anivia

Anivia (also known as the Cryophoenix) is a heroic playable champion in League of Legends. She is a phoenix made entirely of ice and the sister of Ornn and Volibear who protects the nation Freljord.


Anivia is a mysterious but benevolent winged spirit who takes the form of a giant bird made entirely of ice. She endures endless cycles of life, death, and rebirth all to protect the northern nation of Freljord. Her status as a demigod born from ferocious ice and winds gives her the ability to generate and control these elements, which she uses to attack anyone who disturbs her home country. The tribes of Freljord depend on Anivia to protect and teach them in order for them to thrive in the harsh north, seeing her as a symbol of hope, and a portent of great change. Everyday she fights with every ounce of her being, knowing that through the sacrifice she makes everyday, her memory will still endure and she will be reborn once again the following day.


  • Rebirth - Anivia is transformed into an immobile egg upon being killed that restores her to full health and revives her using the remaining health of the egg itself if it happens to survive for a few seconds.
  • Flash Frost - Anivia shoots an ice ball in a target direction, any enemies in it's path of which are both damaged and slowed. If the ability is reactivated, the ball wil shatter, damaging and briefly stunning nearby foes in the process.
  • Crystallize - Creates an impassable wall made of ice at a target location that lasts for a few seconds.
  • Frostbite - Anivia fires an shard of ice at a nearby enemy in order to damage them. If the target also happens to be stunned by Flash Frost or slowed by a fully expanded Glacial Storm, the damage dealt is doubled.
  • Glacial Storm - A toggled ability that, at the cost of mana-per-second in order to maintain it, summons a powerful blizzard at a location of the target of choice which continuously damages and slows any enemies who become trapped inside. As the blizzard expands over the next few seconds, the damage and slowed movement done to the enemies it traps is increased when it reaches full size.


  • The quote in her lore is a reference to the novel Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.
  • She's the first female champion to be an entirely-non-humanoid champion, the second of which being being Rek'Sai.


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