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Ann serves as the main protagonist of an newly released 2021 JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) known as "Ann" she is apparently a student who is trapped inside of a cursed school, and must now journey her way to escape from the hellish place.


Ann seemingly is a student who is apart of the so-called "Digital Arts Department," one day, Ann visits the school to retrieve a USB that contains unknown files, which, she was warned by the principal that there is a strict rule that she must always follow it no matter what. She has to leave the school at the moment when the clock strikes 9:00 PM. Ann did take his warning serious, but, the moment when the USB is in the middle of downloading so slow, Ann decided to take a rest, which, she overslept and the clock eventually strikes 12:00 AM, which, this is when the bizarre events occurred.

Ann apparently ends up finding herself in an utterly different place from the school she know, she must now journey along with a security guard to find a way and escape, at the same time, reluctantly unfolding the mysteries/hidden secrets behind all the vengeful ghosts that are haunting the school.

The game itself is divided into three endings, the bad ending, the neutral ending, and the good ending.

The Bad Ending:

The bad ending also known as Resident of the School Ending, is when Ann accidentally dropped the key that would allow her to exit the school, in which, causes the security guard to charge in and sacrifice himself to protect her from being killed by Hana. However, the moment when Ann wakes up, she discovers that the door she was trying to open this whole time is not the door that is used to escape this cursed school, she got the wrong door. Which resulted in her gotten affected by the curse, and now serves as Hana's servant.

The Neutral Ending:

The Neutral Ending, also known as The Painting's Sacrifice, is a ending where Ann faints in the middle of her journey, and the security guard, who is revealed to be one of the school's residents, of course, the avatar of a painting that she saw in the art gallery of the school, eventually carried her out of the school, and re-confronts Hana, telling her that no matter what she does, he will always defy her will, and rules that are made by her, which angers Hana to the point where she uses her spiritual powers to burned the painting. Later that day, when people re-visits the gallery, they saw the painting being burned alive, and Hana, since she doesn't remember anything, she just disregarded it.

The Good Ending:

Also known as the Truth Ending.

In this very own ending, Ann eventually investigates and learned the true reason how all these bizarre events are happening, it was all because of the principal who runs the school. It was revealed, that the principal murdered a girl name Hana, and hide her dead body inside one of the locker, which causes her ghost to roam the school at half-passed mid-night, and eventually, began to cursed other students who stay late in school to become the servants that works for her, and carry out her missions to eliminate, victimize, or turned those who are students that stay late overnight into one of them.

Ann eventually came up with a plan in order to put an end to all these events, she lured the principal into the school and made all the cursed students cornered him, where when he tried to fled the school was stop by Hana, who, later on, killed the principal to finally rest in peace.

At the end, Ann, and the two other missing students, left the school, where they were left confused of where they are, why they are here, and what exactly did happened, they decided to disregard all of these situations since none of them wanted to get involve with the police at all.

The missing students ended up being shocked upon finding out that they were missing for over a year, and Ann was still, herself, as she re-visits the art gallery of the school and starts to interact with Myra, and Charles, which they are still confused, curious, suspicious, but at the same time, had come to acceptance to the current situation.

When she walk across the painting of the security guard, her phone, suddenly rings a notifications where she received an unsaved image of her and the security guard which is identical to the one on the painting, which left her even more confused, but suddenly, when she stares back at the painting, she starts to regain the memories of what has happened in the previous night. As when she remembers this, tears started to fall out from her eyes in joyful.


Ann is a girl who is the size of an average-human, she has violet hair, wearing a pink jacket, a pair of nerd glasses, and normal pants.


Ann appears to be a girl who somewhat, has neutral emotions, she can both feel happy, sad, angry, scared, and etc. Lets just say, that she is normal, and there is nothing extraordinary about her own nature at all, nothing except for her soul, which, in the start of the game she noted that it was empty when we interact with a nearby trash bin. However, it is implied, that she eventually managed to get rid of this trait after the adventure she has.

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