Annabelle the big good of the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. She is first seen in the first film, but she isn't named until All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. She is a pink Whippet Angel ranked in a high post in Heaven and is in charge of problems occuring there and on Earth.

Annabelle was voiced by Melba Moore in the first film, and Bebe Neuwith in the rest of franchise (Second movie and TV series).


In the first film, Annabelle is a whippet with pink fur, blue eyes, white hair with a bow and also wears a neckacle.

In the second, Annabelle has more angel features such as wings, halo above her head and wears a angel uniform. Her hair color also change from white to pink.

In the animated series, Annabelle hasn't change much, but sometimes seen as a normal looking whippet or a angelic whippet.

in the final film, Annabelle's hair color is now back to being white instead of pink, Her eyes are black rather than blue and is seen as a whippet angel throught out the entire film. 


She is kind, helpful, caring, and loving, but she is also gullible enough to fall for Charlie's devious plots, although in many cases she gets her payback in the TV series. As Charlie's plans of ignoring her tasks or orders backfire on his face.


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