Annah torment
Annah-of-the-Shadows, also known just as Annah, is a player character in the 1999 role-playing video game Planescape Torment She is one of the companions of the protagonist The Nameless One.

Annah is a brash young Tiefling (a person with fiendish heritage; one of Annah's wealthy grandparents was a fiend); her alignemnt is chaotic neutral. She appears to be human, except for her tail. A fighter and a thief. Annah was raised by Pharod to be a capable rogue, useful for tasks that his more ordinary underlings could not complete. Utilizing punching daggers she attacks her enemies when they least expect it. She has no tolerance for anyone who is foolish or clueless. Skilled at dishing out slang-laden verbal abuse, Annah slings it at anyone who annoys her. She is somewhat superstitious, especially with regard to the Lady Of PainEarly in the game, she is found on the streets of Sigil. The Nameless One only gets her to the party during the game's mid-portion. She automatically joins the party after she completes a task for Pharod.

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