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My name's Anne. Anne Boonchuy.
~ Anne introducing herself.

Anne Boonchuy is the main protagonist of the Disney TV show Amphibia. She is a 13 year-old-girl, who stumbles upon a magical chest, that takes her, Sasha, and Marcy to Amphibia and became friends with Sprig Plantar.

She is voiced by Brenda Song, who also portrayed London from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Anne is a Thai-American teenage girl of medium height, with a slender build, light brown skin and auburn hair.

Anne wears a schoolgirl uniform as her everyday outfit. It consists of a white shirt with a pink collar and "SJMS" coat of arms on it, a short purple skirt, white socks, and a single yellow and white sneaker on her left foot.

She also carries a magenta pink backpack.

Additional features

When she arrived in Amphibia, Anne went through a messy situation, which lead her into a dirty and incomplete form of herself.

  • To accompany her auburn hair, Anne has 2 leaves and a small stick that are always on her.
  • She misses a sneaker on her right foot.
  • Her shirt has a stain on the bottom left side.


Anne was described as "self-centered" girl. Also judging by her appearance, she is seemingly filled with adventurous spirit, curiosity, and excitement.



  • Anne is the first leading animated character in television history to be Thai-American.
  • Anne is Half-Thai (by her mother's side) and Half-American (by her father's side).
  • Anne's appearance is based on what Matt Braly's grandmother looked like when she was a child.
  • Anne's parents are the owners of a Thai restaurant.
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