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Is The Hard Knock Life
~ Annie Singing

Annie is the main protagonist of the musical of the same name and its three film adaptions and the sequel to one of them. She is an orphan (who doesn't know it at first) whose goal is to look for her parents (whom she doesn't know are dead).

In the beginning of the story, Annie lives in an orphanage under the thrall of the diabolical Miss Hannigan and is determined to find her long-lost family. One day, she sneaks out of the orphanage and befriends a lost dog she names Sandy. An encounter with a treasured billionaire named Oliver Warbucks (Will Stacks in the 2014 adaptation) gives her a golden opportunity. However, Miss Hannigan and her wicked accomplices plot to hunt down Annie. After a tremendous adventure, Annie finally gets the family she dreamed of.



  • At first, every original actress playing Annie had first names that, like the character's name, started with "A." That was Andrea McArdle (in the original Broadway production), Aileen Quinn (in the 1982 film), Ashley Johnson (in the 1995/1996 TV sequel) and Alicia Morton (in the 1999 film). An exception is Quvenzhané Wallis in the 2014 film, though.