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Hey Apple! (Apple What!?) Knife. (Apple: Huh? [screaming])
~ Annoying Orange

Ew! Oh! I warned you. Ow! Oh, that looks like it hurts. [Apple screaming] Tried to warn him.
~ Annoying Orange

Hmm. [sighs] Hey Pear! (Pear: Oh, God.)
~ Annoying Orange

Hey'o, It's A to O. Back again with another gaming video.
~ Annoying Orange catchphrase of Gaming Annoying Orange.

Later, hot potaters.
~ Annoying Orange ending gaming catchphrase.

Ooooh! I hate you, Blimp!
~ Orange feeling for Blimps

Who put this fire hydrant here?!
~ Orange's dislikes for fire hydrants

Stop rubbin' your mustache on me!
~ Orange after got caught in Hello Neighbor.

I don't like apples. They're coarse, rough and irritating and they get everywhere.
~ Orange's reason of hating apples

Hey! You're throwing tomatoes at me?!
~ Annoying Orange when he got hit by a tomato in Hello Neighbor

Annoying Orange (also known as Orange or his video game alias, A.O) is the titular main protagonist in the series of the same name.

As his name would suggest, he is an annoying orange who enjoys making terrible puns, emitting obnoxious noises, spitting seeds and overall just being a noisy character.

He does all this on a daily basis much to the dismay of everybody else surrounding him with the exception of his best friend Pear, who is amongst the few who can fully tolerate and even enjoy his antics; and Marshmallow, who is generally just so hyper and absent-minded to care.

While never truly wishing harm on his fellow produce (with the exception of an orange even more annoying than him, enough to even annoy him) he either isn't aware or just does not care how annoying others perceive him.

This often has dire consequences for any newcomer to the kitchen who happens to be annoyed by him as he always tries to warn them of Knife, but alas, is never taken seriously at that point and they often get killed in a horrible fashion (as far as fruit and vegetables go, anyways).

Annoying Orange will sometimes crack a pun and laugh after Knife comes for the kill, albeit with still some hints of being slightly horrified. Perhaps he does this out of nervousness.

In Middle School, Orange is voted mostly like to prank his school's vice-principal Plum by placing his hairpiece with super glue and trapped into a vending machine.

He has an Annoying Orange Gaming videos where he, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon and Gaming Grape playing any Video Games for Youtube. Especially for Shocktober to play Horror Games such as Bendy and the Ink Machine, Hello Neighbor, Slender Man, and other horror games including in Roblox. In GTA V, he created a superhero name "Buttman" and created two sidekicks "Fart Boy" and "Bazooka Monkey" and later 4 more sidekicks (Ginger beard madman, Demolition Debby, Big Foot and Captain Fansypants.


The best way to describe Orange's personality is that, do you know the person who is viewed by others to be absolutely carefree, immature, goofy, unpredictable, and come off as slightly unintelligent, and they almost never learn anything from their own disastrous actions. Orange is the prime example for this type of person. Orange lives up to the title of his own show, he is extremely annoying, and never miss an opportunity to make sick, and bad puns that annoys, and cause out absolute dissatisfaction upon others, although, it is strongly implied that Orange does this because he is aware, and really wants to see the other foods being angered by him, it is seen in the episode where Pear tells Disney fairy tales that Orange was shown to be irritated when he finds out that the pun he makes turns out to be the right part in the story. Many fruits is shown to always end up getting super angry, and paranoid because of his jokes that they would go to some unwanted lengths just to get the last laugh. However, he is shown to sometimes learn something and would be extremely regret to all of his decisions that got everybody into the disastrous situation.

Heroic side

Even knowing he annoys fruits/veggies, he's done some good stuff

  • "Happy birthday": Saved Little Apple from the fire.
  • "Grapes of Wrath" (TV): He saved the grapes form getting juiced.
  • "Kung Fruit": Saved his friends from King Coconut.
  • Most of the series he warns the foods about things that will destroy them but in the TV series he doesn't do that often.
  • "Sir Juice-a-Lot" (TV): Saved Passion from the Dark Knight (Grapefruit)
  • "Marshmella" (TV): Saved Marshmallow's home from the rock candy monster.
  • "Veggi Zombies" (TV): He said that he said he has a giggle-Chuckle itis that means that he might not be annoying, and In said episode he used his giggle chuckle-itis to kill the zombie
  • Ask Orange #52: Saved Pear by removing TNT that was inside him.

Things Orange loves

  • Farting
  • Spit seeds
  • Motor boat
  • Nya Nya
  • Puns
  • Squash
  • Passion Fruit (but not to admit)
  • Kazoos
  • Vuvuzela
  • Video Games
  • Rubber chickens
  • TNT
  • Beat box
  • Wazzup
  • Being annoying
  • Ms. Cheese (his favorite schoolyear photographer)
  • Pranking Vice-Principal Plum
  • Pizza (even with beans and Tooty Toot 2000x)

Things Orange hates

  • Blimps (mainly)
  • Fire hydrants
  • Knives
  • Hedges
  • Poles
  • Apples (except for Midget Apple and Corey)
  • Butt touchings (mostly Hello Neighbor)
  • Grabbing nipples (mostly Hello Neighbor)
  • Rubbin mustaches (mostly Hello Neighbor)
  • Hit by Tomatoes (mostly Hello Neighbor)
  • Caught by Glue (mostly Hello Neighbor)
  • Caught by bear traps
  • Slap at the butt by Baldi
  • Dancing Hippos (afraid of these)
  • Tangerine
  • Anyone who have a crush on his Sister
  • Surprise Airbags



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