The Annoying Villagers are the titular protagonists of the animation series of the same name. They are fan adaptations of the Minecraft mob Villagers trying to survive in a hostile world.

They are all voiced by the series' creator, MrFudgeMonkeyz.

Originally made for short comedy, the characters have since evolved for more complex characters and an actual storyline.


The Villagers lived in Minecraft as one of the weakest mobs in the game, mainly because of their peaceful nature.

First, they were terrorized by hordes of zombies. Villagers died and villages fell until the Villagers began creating Iron Golems to save them.

But their relative safety did not last long.

The Minecraft players came, and they easily defeated the Villagers' sturdy guardians. Villagers were slaughtered, enslaved, tortured. Villages were burnt to the ground. It seemed like all hope was lost... until the birth of one Villager.

This was the to-be Villager King, a rare mutation who possessed the valuable trade of swapping dirt for diamonds. With him, Villagers could hope to survive in this cruel world that oppressed them so much. Desperate measures had to be taken to ensure the survival of the species. Sacrifices were made, and many died to protect and keep secret the hope of the Villagers.

At last, they managed to hoard him to the underground village, a last resort where the Villagers were to take their final stand.

And they did.

The Villager King and his offspring with other valuable trades enabled the Villagers to acquire powerful items beyond the wildest dreams of anyone who had come before. These they used to build their mighty kingdom. Villagers allied with mobs, used as mounts and sometimes even trained to fight. Legends spread of these Villagers with items never seen before, and though the players attacked, all their efforts failed.

No player, no matter how strong, could defeat the newly risen Villager kingdom, for the players were too greedy, and they were not united. The powerful Villagers were united as one under the Villager King, and thus they could defend themselves against the players that came. The Villager kingdom spread and linked isolated villages, providing protection and establishing supply routes across the Minecraft world.

A new era had come. Villagers would suffer quietly no more. Now, they would fight.

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