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Let's all wiggle everybody!
~ Anthony's famous quote

Anthony Wiggle (born: May 8 1963) is the blue wiggle and is the instrumentalist.

Anthony played a variety of instruments in the older years such as the trumpet, guitar, bagpipes, violin, tin whistle, kazoo and drums. The drums however, were absent between late 1996 and 2000.

From 1993-1996 and 2000-2012, he was the group's lead drummer. He also played the guitar on occasion. The last video to show him regularly playing the drums was Celebration!. As of 2013, he has taken over the role of lead guitarist while still playing the drums here and there.

In 1992, when the Wiggles first got their skivvies, Anthony was the Green Wiggle. He wore a short sleeved shirt. He wore green possibly due to his Irish heritage. From 1996 onward, he is blue. From 2012 onward, Anthony is often seen barefooted as it is more comfortable for him.

He can be considered as the current King of Guitars, though nobody called him that yet.

Strangely Anthony's room was not shown until TV Series 8, when we found out that Anthony's room has musical symbols and a blue and white striped floor. He has the longest tenure as a Wiggle, and the only Wiggle of both the Sam and Original Generation to not be replaced or to replace another.

official Anthony Wiggle costume