Antiope is a DC Comics character based on the mythological Amazon Antiope. In the comics, she is the Amazon sister of Queen Hippolyta, and aunt to Wonder Woman. In the new Wonder Woman movie (2017) she was portrayed by Robin Wright who also plays Princess Buttercup.


Antiope was created when the Greek goddesses wanted to spread the message of peace and love, and they thought that creating a race of strong women would help fulfill their requirements. They took the souls of women who had died at the hands of men, and sent them to the bottom of the Aegean Sea. There on the bottom of the seabed, clay was formed into the shape of a human body and once they reached the surface, they became living human beings. The first one was Hippolyta and the second one was Antiope. Each of these women were granted traits from each of the goddesses. Hunting skills from Artemis, wisdom from Athena warm personalities and an ability to create warm homes from Hestia, lots of harvest from Demeter and beauty of not just physical appearance, but soul as well from Aphrodite As a sign of their leadership, the goddesses gave Hippolyta and Antiope each a Golden Girdle of Gaea which would enhance their abilities. They then founded the city Themyscira and lived there in peace for many years.

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