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Antiope is a DC Comics character based on the mythological Amazon Antiope. In the comics, she is the Amazon sister of Queen Hippolyta, and aunt to Wonder Woman. In the new Wonder Woman movie (2017) she was portrayed by Robin Wright who also plays Princess Buttercup.


During their reign, Antiope and Hippolyta came across a mother and a daughter. The mother was Queen Hypsipyle and her daughter was Princess Phthia. They too also ruled a matriarchal and that Argonaut Jason landed on their island and had a son and daughter to the queen, the daughter being Phthia. Jason had left the island to explore and the Queen was left to rule by herself. There, the Queen's subjects rebelled against her, killed her infant son and was cursed with leprosy. They banished the Queen and Phthia and eventually met Calchas who told her that she should return to her island, escorted by a warrior queen, as there is a lesson that could be learned. Antiope and a group of Amazons agreed to escort her. When the Queen returned home to her island, Lemnos, they had discovered that the women there had been dead for a long time now by internal fighting and civil wars. Queen Hypsipyle died of grief and Antiope adopted Phthia as her own daughter and both shared a very special bond.

The god Ares, one of the Amazons' greatest enemies, sent Heracles to invade the Amazons and steal their Golden Girdles. Heracles met Hippolyta in the woods outside Themyscira, but Heracles attacked Hippolyta and she easily defeated him with her strength and cleverness. Hippolyta still wished for peace, and invited him and his army into Themyscira to get to know each other better. Hiding his anger, he accepted. During the feast, Heracles and his men drugged their wine and took them prisoner. He then stole their Golden Girdles, and the Amazons' city was sacked, the Amazons murdered, raped or enslaved as the men saw fit. Hippolyta prayed to Athena for aid. Athena would help, but only if they would not seek revenge on Heracles. Hippolyta agreed and the bonds were broken. The Amazons were free now, and they were filled with anger and wanted to take revenge on Heracles and his men. They broke Hippolyta's oath with Athena and so she forced them to serve a penance. Hippolyta agreed, though Antiope, enraged by Athena's demand, gave her sister the remaining Golden Girdle and renounced the gods. She said her goodbye to Hippolyta and she left with another group of Amazons who wished to seek vengeance against Heracles.