It's your inquisitive nature that I've come to rely on, child. That crazed fool's convinced that the world is about to end
~ Antonidas to Jaina about the prophet before of the third war

Antonidas was the teacher of Jaina Proudmoore, leader of the Kirin Tor And ruler of Dalaran.

Antonidas in Warcraft Movie

Antonidas was but a mere boy when he became an apprentice to one of the Kirin Tor . He was a tenacious learner, poring over books in the magical libraries of Dalaran . After only a few short years of studying under the sect, Antonidas had outclassed his peers and earned their admiration, as well as the respect of his elders. At the age of 12, Antonidas' thesis, "The Ramifications of refined Reverse Time Travel Phenomena into Quantifiable Magical Practice", earned him the Kirin Tor Sash of Supreme Acumen, the youngest ever to receive the award. Shortly thereafter the Ruling Council offered him official placement in the Kirin Tor Advanced Research and Illumination Sect, also the youngest to receive an official invitation. As the mage grew older, he continued to learn and hone his abilities. His natural talent for defensive magic and wisdom beyond his years made Antonidas an ideal candidate for a position on the Council of Six , which he eventually attained. Antonidas proved not only wise and fair, but infinitely regimented in goal to become more knowledgeable. He quickly became one of the dominant voices of Dalaran.


Shortly before the third war Antonidas and Kirin tor, were aware of the situation in the northern kingdom of Lordaeron, one afternoon Antonidas was visited by a mysterious prophet (Medivh) who warned of a serious threat to the kingdom and who suggested evacuate the city and across the great sea to the continent of Kalimdor, Antonidas dismissed the warning and instead sent his apprentice Jaina in a mission to collect information about the mysterious events in the north.

After the betrayal of Arthas and the rapid destruction of Quel'thalas, Antonidas fortified Dalaran and he prepared for the imminent attack of the plague, the wizards barricaded themselves in the city and raised mighty magical auras causing terrible damage to the undead. eventhough this Arthas managed to penetrate the city and he sacrifice many of their forces to arrive the violet citadel, there Arthas murdered Antonidas and many of the wizards of the Kirin Tor.

The ghosts of Antonidas and several wizards were wandering in the dungeons of the city until Prince Kael'thas put to rest.

Antonidas has a monument in the new city of Dalaran.

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