Anu is a deity from the blizzard video game, Diablo. Anu was considered to be the first being to exist in the Diablo universe. Anu was also remembered as the first being to have ever fought against the ancient seven-headed dragon deity known as Tathamet its eternal nemesis, and the Anti-God of the Diablo universe as well as the progenitor of the seven Hells and the original Prime evil. Finally, Anu after the final battle with its evil counterpart created the Diablo Universe and died after its creation. After he died, even with Anu's spine, the Crystal Arch, became the catalyst for the creation of the High Heavens and lead to the creation of all Angels while his eternal nemesis's corpse led to the creation of the seven Hells and the creation of all demons including the 3 Prime Evils and 4 Lesser Evils


Anu has similarities with Raava from The Legend of Korra

  • Both are trapped with a battle with their dark equivalent(Tathamet for Anu and Vaatu for Raava).
  • Both Anu and Raava represent Light and Peace
  • Both Anu and Anu are the first beings to exist in their respective franchises
  • Both Anu and Raava can move their essences into something else

Differences from Raava

  • Raava can ressurect herself after being destroyed, while Anu cannot, as Anu's essence split into Angels with his positive aspects becoming Imperius, Tyrael, Auriel, Malthael and Ithereal, and the rest of it's essence transformed into Heaven since his destruction.
  • Anu and Tahthamet used to be one single being due to Tathtamet's true nature was embodiment of all negative inside Anu. Raava and Vaatu are separate entities,
  • Anu's and Raava's final fate after their conflict with their dark counterpart was very different. Anu and Tathamet effectively destroyed each other, though their separated essence still fought each other, Raava merged her essence with Wan creating the first Avatar.
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