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Bond:Which bullet has my name on it? The first or the last?
Anya:I have never failed on a mission, Commander. Any mission.
Bond:In that case, Major, one of us is bound to end up gravely disappointed, because neither have I.
~ Anya confront Bond

Anya Amasova is the deuteragonist of 1977 007 film The Spy Who Loved Me.

She is a former employed of KGB and Sergei Barsov’s girlfriend until his death, she became a fictional Soviet intelligence operative called Agent XXX.

She is played by Barbara Bach.


In the beginning she was mean, sadistic and vengeful for the fact that Bond had killed her boyfriend. However, she is able to forgive and forget the events that happened since Sergei had never really loved her.

She is also capable of having nerves of steel and being very patient, like when she is seen with Jaws.


After the British HMS Ranger and Soviet submarine Potemkin are captured, M tells Bond to find a cabin located in Austria. While on a mission he falls into an ambush of Sergei Barsov, but manages to save himself by killing him without knowing that he was Amasova's boyfriend. Later, the latter is called by General Gogol.

Anya meets Bond for the first time at a pyramid show in Egypt and they fight each other over the assassination of Barsov and Bond believes she killed Aziz Fekkesh depiste the fact that is body is found out on a pyramid, but then they both discover that the real killer is Jaws.

They are formally presented in Cairo, when collaborators now arrive at Max Kalba's club. The two confront each other a bit (for example, Anya is aware of Bond's doomed marriage), trying to defect each other's secret microfilm. Suddenly Kalba is killed by Jaws, so Bond and Anya follow the microfilm all over Egypt. Anya manages to outsmart Bond with the microfilm (even though he had reviewed it) they travel to the Abu Simbel Temple, where Gogol and M have decided that Bond and Anya will work together to solve the mystery of the stolen submarines.

Throughout the movie Bond and Anya have a rivalry during the mission and end up falling in love. During the train ride to Sardinia they eat the same meal together and then while she is Anya is going to bed she politely refuses a shot from Bond and then he hears her screams from the cabin and discovers that she is attacked by Jaws, who saves her. from being killed, the fight lasts very little and then Jaws flies out the cabin window.

Bond sees Anya with a big cut on her arm before the two kiss and spend the night together.

Once in Sardinia, Anya takes Bond, pretending to be his wife, to Karl Stromberg. She consequently she however she discovers that it was Bond who killed Barsov and swears that once the mission is over, she will take revenge.

As a result, Anya is kidnapped by Stromberg and imprisoned by Atlantis, the Stromberg submarine base. Bond sneaks in and rescues her.

Now that the mission is over and she nervously points her gun at Bond saying "The mission is over, Commander", she can't pull the trigger because she's too in love with him. Bond says "In my country, Major, the condemned man is usually allowed a final request" and Anya says "Granted".

Thus, the two have sex in the submarine cabin with "Armageddon tools" they have taken, Anya is the first to notice that Q, M, Fredrick Gray are there.


  • Anya is initially an antagonist in the movie, but not a villain because she wasn't evil but wanted to kill Bond, the protagonist, for killing her lover.
  • Although she doesn't mention her by name, Anya makes a reference to the death of Tracy Bond. This is the first time a Bond girl (or, indeed, any character) has referenced the lead Bond girl from an earlier film. Anya's reference also serves to, for the first time, confirm that Roger Moore's films take place in the same (or a similar) continuity as that of at least one of his predecessors.


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