Hi, thanks for your time, I'm Aoba! Please can I have some words!
~ Aoba

IJN Aoba (青葉 重巡洋艦 Aoba jūjun'yōkan?) was the lead ship in the two-vessel Aoba-class of heavy cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It is named after Mount Aoba, a volcano located behind Maizuru, Kyoto.


Aoba has messy pink hair in a ponytail that is tied up in a blue scrunchie, and blue eyes. She wears a blue-and-white serafuku with a yellow kerchief and blue shorts. She also wears black thighhighs.

Her combat gear consists of a pair of twin-cannon turrets carried on a strap like a purse on her right, with a flight deck on her left. On her back, she carries a mockup of the real ship's bridge like a backpack.


The historical Aoba famously had a war correspondent onboard, and as such, Aoba has been made out into being the reporter shipgirl. At best, this makes her optimistic and enthusiastic, but at worst, she's portrayed as a stalker or paparazzi.


  • Unno Juza, a novelist considered the father of Japanese sci-fi, was aboard Aoba during WWII. Referring to this, in-game Aoba always mentions collecting material (news, info, gossip) for her work.
  • In the fandom, she's depicted as being a curious and nosy reporter, always snooping around for the next scoop.
  • Sunk July 28, 1945 by USN and USAAF aircraft at Kure, Hiroshima 34°14′N132°30′E
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