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Okay, good! I'm not exactly a fan of scary stories, but I'll tell you as many as you want, Nene-chan, if it will help you feel better!
~ Aoi to Nene.

Aoi Akane (Akane Aoi) is a supporting character in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun. She is a first-year high school student at Kamome Gakuen's High School Division and the best friend of Nene Yashiro.

She was voiced by Minako Satou in Japanese and Emily Neves in English.


Aoi is a petite 15-16 year-old girl with dark purple hair and matching eyes. She wears her hair in a pair of noticeable loops at each side of her head along with a pair of wavy locks that reach her chest and parted bangs. She wears the standard Kamome Academy uniform.


Aoi is known by her peers as a caring and upbeat young girl. She is widely known among the other students for her good grades, origins from the highly respected and wealthy Akane family. Like her best friend Nene, one of her major hobbies is gardening. In spite of her fear of scary stories, she still often tells them to Nene in her efforts to cheer the latter up.

However, her true personality is far from the cheerful, confident persona that she's known by her peers as. As in actuality, she has incredibly low self-esteem to the point where she secretly looks sown upon everyone around her, especially herself. She dislikes the praise she receives from those around her due to the fact that they only do so due to them only knowing her for her reputation rather than for who she really is. especially Akane's feelings for her. She always wanted to "go away" to another place where she didn't have to live under the pressure of her current life, something that eventually leads to her to joining No.6 in order to go to another world away from the one she lives in. According to Akane, she did so in order to keep others from discovering her true personality and turning against her as a result.

Eventually, her relationship with Akane lead her to become more honest towards others and open up to others on her true self. She no longer has her energetic facade and doesn't hide her personal issues anymore. She is also shown to be very loyal towards Akane as she struggles to help him and her other friends survive with her during the Study Camp Arc.




  • She prefers the left direction as opposed to the right one.
  • Aoi has Astraphobia, though she isn't willing to admit it.
  • Aoi is very found of giraffes. This foreshadowed by her owning a giraffe plushie as a young child.
  • The kanji in Aoi's first name, (葵), translates to 'hollyhock' while the kanji of her surname (赤根) translates to 'red root.'



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