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Aoi Kannazuki is a heroine of Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel.


Another main character. The 1st year camellia group of St. Cherine Academy. Born October 23 at 15 years old (Libra), height 157 cm, weight 43 kg, three size B 91 (G cup) / W 58 / H 88, blood type A type. Image color is blue. In contrast to Haruka, a beautiful girl with outstanding glamorous body. The bust size was 89 cm (F cup) on the profile up to "Twin Angel 2". My hobby is collecting treasured books, hot challenge. Excellent grades with a nice personality. But the core strongly will not bend my belief. In fact, there is also one side with sharp figures. Boasting the academic ability of the top-class nationwide test scenes, there are also aspects of natural blur because of their ladies. I wear glasses during class, but I am not doing it elsewhere. It has a white headband on the blue short hair and has an aho hair. Sagging eyes. Pocket always keeps it in my valley. I belong to the archery division at the academy but I am not good at other sports. Particularly sports such as marathon moving subjects are told OVA that they are not good at large. In contrast to the impression that the appearance and contents are perfect as well as above, Haruka is cute and talks about a person too much, it makes a remark to puzzle her, etc. It seems like a mischievous thing to do with a mischievous goal There is also one side not. Even in animation, Haruka and Kurumi had knocked down enemies before using collaborative techniques, sometimes they did not read the air and had delicious places. One of the twin angels turns into a blue angel. Its Special Moves are "Angel Arrow" using a bow that is good at it. Also use 'Angel Thousand Arrow' which shoots a large number of arrows at once. When Blue Angel, the shoulder part is shaped like a feather, wearing a blue-based clothing and wearing a navy blue thigh with a frill.