Aoi Kimidori (木緑葵; lit. "Yellow-Green Blue") is the sweet sister of typical 'bad-girl' Akane Kimidori, whom works at the local coffee shop in Penguin Village named the Coffee Pot. In theHarmony Gold English Dub, her name is Lois and she serves hot cocoa instead of coffee.


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Aoi was the first person to be introduced to Arale Norimaki. She seems to be a good friend of Senbei Norimaki and even forced him to take her to the movies while Arale was on her first day at school. While Arale was on her first day of school at Penguin Village Middle School , Aoi talked Senbei into taking her to the movies to see Nekotoraman vs. Nekotora-7. When Senbei makes the See-Thru Glasses, he tries to use them on Aoi while she is sitting on a park bench reading a book, but a cat goes on her lap, preventing him from seeing her naked crotch through the glasses.

Aoi is shown to be a horrible driver in the chapter "Super Driver" and its anime counterpart "The Super Driver", where she has a major role.

One time, when talking to Kurikinton Soramame, Donbei tied a thread of her dress to a car which took off and unraveled her dress in front of him causing her to get embarrassed and slap Kurikinton.


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