Aoi Umenokoji is one of the heroes in Virtual Fighter video game series


Aoi is a practitioner of Aiki-jūjutsu. She is the eldest child of a dojo owner in Kyoto. Her father and Akira Yuki's father are old friends. As well as a child, she and Akira will quarrel with each other. After seeing him participate in the competition, she decided to enter and prove her fighting ability.

Realizing what a small world she was in after losing in the first round of the tournament, Aoi went back to training. But returning home, she tried hard not only to learn Aikido and Kobujutsu, but to also improve her knowledge in other martial arts. Her study has allowed her to more effectively counterattack and parry, as well as increase her repertoire. She is now anxious to enter the fourth tournament.

The Fourth Fighting Tournament left Aoi with nothing but anger and frustration. Although her training was thorough, her opponent's catch line completely threw her attention before the tournament. Her overconfident opponent did not stay there, he flirted with each woman in the tournament, which angered her. The match was a total loss for her and even after the tournament she found herself thinking about him. She had to admit that his nimble footwork and powerful kicks were impressive.

She trained harder than ever before and can't wait to face her opponent again. When her invitation arrived, she accepted it immediately.


  • One of her custom items, as befitting of a Yamato Nadeshiko.
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