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Aomi Yanagisako (柳迫 碧美 Yanagisako Aomi) is a minor character first introduced in the A Certain Scientific Railgun series. She is a highschool student and is the roomate of Mii Konori. Aomi is a member of Judgment and works at the 177th Branch Office, but is rarely seen working and is too focused on her lovelife instead.


Aomi is a tall girl with a slender body. She has long light brown hair with brown eyes and is typically wearing a white stripped shirt underneath a red dress. During the Silent Party incident, she is seen wearing a dark blue sweater vest, a yellow handkerchief, and a gray/white stripped skirt which is the same as Konori's attire.


Aomi comes off as a kind and caring friend towards Mii who shows great concern for her care but not to the point of invading her privacy. Aomi is most notable for being very lazy and is a slacker. This is seen how she rarely shows up for work and is too focused on her lovelife leaving the assumption that she has a crush on an unknown boy. She often jokes about how her lovelife often gets in the way of her duties as a Judgment officer.


Amoi's powers are not yet fully seen. She is an esper but her power level and ability remains unknown but are most likely strong enough to be an esper with an ability. She appears to have some form of leadership as during the Silent Party incident, she is seen next to Mii leading a Judgment squadron against the robotic forces of STUDY as the second-in-command of the battle.