Aoshima is a creature seen in the episode "The Inconveniencing," during one of Mabel's hallucinations from eating too much Smile Dip.


After eating "bleventeen" packs of Smile Dip, Mabel sees and rides Aoshima in a sugar induced hallucination, claiming "the future is in the past." It appears as a flying dolphin with a small, yellow bow tie and two muscular human-like arms. After spinning around, it grows another dolphin-like head and two more muscular human arms, one from each mouth. On each palm of its hands are dolphin faces, which shoot rainbow-colored rays from their mouths. While the creature is doing so, a car alarm can be heard.


Aoshima is a hallucination-induced monster, who appears to be a blue and white dolphin with a yellow bow tie and four heads, but can grow an arm out of each mouth. Each arm, in turn, gains a face and a gaping mouth, which makes dolphin sounds and emits rainbow colored rays.

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