There is no stopping to his pouring sins. 

Faintly, softly, the falling rain- even if it fills the holes and depression on the streets, it could not fill the empty hole in his heart. Even if the droplets of rain dripping from his cheeks penetrates his heart and was able to create ripples, it would not become tears.


He rarely show any expression and keeps a distance from others, choosing to be alone. According to the rumors, he was said to have killed his parents and was therefore named "Parent-killing Aoto".

The driver he uses is the katana type driver Wadatsumi.


”For me... there's no such things as wishes."


  • His driver Wadatsumi can be translated to "God of Sea" in Japanese.
  • He ranked 10th, 9th, 9th, 18th, 6th, 15th, and 14th consecutively in the seven official Divine Gate popularity polls.
  • He is a high school student.
  • His favorite food is Saba-zushi (mackerel sushi).
  • He is shorter than Ginji, but taller than Akane. Standing at 170 cm.


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