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Apo-Apo is a magical mask who first appears in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled during the Rustland Grand Prix event.


Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Apo-Apo serves as a invincibility mask during races. It will appear to protect any drivers racing on the racetrack "Megamix Mania" or for drivers that are using a Rustland Legendary skin. Graffiti of Apo-Apo can be seen throughout Megamix Mania and Decals of the mask can also be unlocked for vehicles.


Apo-Apo's design is based off both Aku Aku and Uka Uka's appearances from Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Apo-Apo is a wooden mask glowing yellow eyes and three long thin leaves/feathers on each side of the lower portion of its face. Most of Apo-Apo's face seems to be made up of metal in the shape of a demonic skull. A pair of "horns" stick out of the sides from Apo-Apo's head with five spikes protruding from the top.


  • Apo-Apo's name is taken from the word "apocalypse".


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