Apollo and Flope are the main and the secondary antagonist (Apollo is the main antagonist, and Flope is the secondary antagonist) of Ugly Duckling franchise.


Apollo is a yellow, handsome, anthropomorphic duck. Every girl loves him, except Patty, who hates him because he's evil and cruel. Flope is a pink, big-nosed, anthropomorphic flamingo. He is good friend to Apollo. They both love to bully others. But they aren't always villains/bad guys. They commited many good deeds and teamed up with Ugly and others several times.

Heroic Acts

Apollo helpt others to stop the fire when barn was burning several times.

Flope helpt others to rescue Apollo from weasels.

Apollo and Flope teamed up with Ugly and Nico to survive and escape from ghosts.

Despite being a villain, Apollo is shown to be caring and reasonable several times, he understood that he was too mean many times, and he said sorry a lot of times, and fixed mistakes he made.

Despite being a villain, Flope is shown to be caring and reasonable several times, such as when he warned Apollo about danger many times.



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