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Apollomon is a God Man Digimon. It is one of the "Olympos XII", and conceals a solar-class flame energy. This energy has the terrifying power to smelt all substances, and its almost heartless fervor and pride are barely restrained.


Apollomon is a lion-like Digimon with a humanoid stance and long hair to simulate a mane and sharp teeth and claws. It has extensive armor covering most of its body and a massive crest holding a sun-like sphere to symbolize its element. Another orb is placed within the back of its mouth and other similarly-shaped, round jewels are part of the gauntlets on its arms. Its body fur is orange while its mane is red.


Apollomon is actually a noble Digimon and veteran warrior who as forcefully made into a Dark General by accident, only seeming evil to avoid suspicion from Lord Bagra and AxeKnightmon. While good-willed and warmhearted, Apollomon is at first unaware he is in reality being used, something he only finds out when Whispered manifests himself and takes over control of his body, proving to be the kingdom's true Dark General. He then urges to be killed and, although initially submissive, he manages to hold enough control to restrain Whispered and allow the Fusion Fighters United Army to defeat him, ending Whispered's evil dominion.


Digimon Fusion


Apollomon in Digimon Fusion.

After Lord Bagra obtains the completed Code Crown, he reformats the Digital World into seven satellite kingdoms. Apollomon, overseen by AxeKnightmon, is installed as the Dark General of the seventh kingdom, the sun-lit Bright Land. Though he is a good Digimon, he knows that he is no match for Lord Bagra on his own. Through his work as a Dark General, Apollomon is forced to torture his own citizens for negative energy, which he privately pays penance for by refusing to heal and subsequently crippling his right arm. He performs his role as needed to prevent a crueler Digimon from ascending in his place and to act as an inside agent. He recruits Digimon who share his sympathies. Unfortunately, the Bagra Army leadership is aware of Apollomon's true beliefs, so they insert the evil program Whispered into him, who shares none of Apollomon's kindness. Apollomon is unaware of his dark side, though the same cannot be said of the reverse, and Whispered performs actions to subvert Apollomon's actions for the sake of the Bagra Army.

When the Fusion Fighters United Army arrives at Bright Land, he sends Marusumon and Sethmon at them to test their power to see if they are the ones he was waiting for. After they defeat them, he allows them to climb Apollonia Tower and meet him. At the top, he tries to convince them to side with him against Lord Bagra, but Nene and Christopher do not trust him enough, though he does convince Mikey. He only gains their help when he shields Mikey from MetalGreymon's attack and then reveals the story behind his wounded arm. As soon as that happens, however, Ewan reveals himself and reveals the existence of Whispered to Apollomon, also revealing that Whispered deleted his loyal Marusumon. Whispered then forcibly takes over their shared body despite Apollomon's pleas for the United Army to kill him before it can happen, and then he drops them all into the Digital Underworld. Down in the Digital Underworld, Whispered participates as a member of Ewan's army. He is deployed to counter Christopher's attempt at a sneak attack, only for him to realize that Christopher was the decoy to allow Mikey access to Ewan. Whispered returns to the castle to protect Ewan The Dark Side of Bright Land, digifusing Axemon to himself to assume his Darkness Mode and wreak havoc. He then sees Ewan lose his cool and digifuse the remaining members of his army together. Whispered realizes how unstable Ewan has become and prudently retreats, abandoning his troops. The Battle of The Young Generals Seeing all of the remaining parties as expendable, Whispered preys upon the dying Laylamon and Blastmon and offers them a final chance at revenge. They agree, and he digifuses them into Evilbeast Laylamon, who merges into the very fabric of the Digital Underworld. Believing this would destroy both the Fusion Fighters United Army and Midnight, Whispered ascends back into Bright Land proper to plan his next move.

Back in Bright Land, Whispered orders the majority of his troops to kill the citizens, taunting Apollomon the entire time. Because he underestimated the Fusion Fighters United Army, he is shocked when they escape the Digital Underworld and assault both him and his forces. Whispered attempts to masquerade as Apollomon to lower Mikey's guard, but Mikey's experiences in the Underworld allowed him to grow into the heavy mantle of leadership. Mikey does not hesitate in attacking him. Whispered, knowing he was outmatched by Shoutmon X7, traps him in a barrier and then summons a black sun to annihilate all. Even Shoutmon X7 has trouble matching his strength, but right before he can throw it, Whispered is stopped by Apollomon, who manages to control his damaged right arm. This pause allows Shoutmon X7 to gather his strength and destroy both him and his technique. Apollomon regains himself on his deathbed. He accepts the fact that he would be known as a tyrant to his people as long as the United Army knows the truth. As he dies, he entrusts the future of the Digital World to them.

At the entrance to the Bagra Pandæmonium, AxeKnightmon eventually revives Apollomon's coreless body with the Revive Circuit to become a component of GrandGeneramon. Meanwhile, Whispered's malicious DigiCore inhabits the Digital World's eighth, hidden kingdom: the metaphysical Prison Land where DigiCores can materialize. There, with the other Dark Generals, Whispered attempts to get his revenge on the trapped Fusion Fighters and Mikey in particular. Prison Land As he listens to Mikey, however, Whispered finds himself hearing Apollomon's voice. Mikey's words and actions in Bright Land planted the seeds of justice in his heart, which allows Apollomon's heart to grow stronger, and in this world where DigiCores are given form, Apollomon manifests separately from Whispered. With his resolution bolstered by his trials, Apollomon destroys his dark self's DigiCore. He then gives his life to allow Mikey, Shoutmon X3, and the recently defected Olegmon to escape from Prison Land. Doing so destroys his physical body as well, and the United Army carries his death and sacrifice with them in their continued defiance of the Bagra Army. Rotten to the Digi-Core! When Mikey obtains the completed Code Crown in the battle against MegaDarknessBagramon, he revives Apollomon alongside his other fallen allies. He participates in the Final Fusion into Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode, who defeats MegaDarknessBagramon for good. Apollomon then returns peacefully to the Digital World.

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