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Apollomon is a former anatagonist turned hero from the anime series Digimon Xros Wars, Apollomon was part of the dark generals commanded by Lord Bagra, However it was not until his battle with Mickey Kudo that he was revealed as good intentionated.


Apollomon is massive humanoid digimon with lion-like apperance, in his back he sports a golden halo, and wears a red blazing armor.


Apollomon was a rather honorable digimon, He was compassionated and dedicated to help other digimon, ut was see as a tool, When revived, he acquired a second evil half called Whispered who possesed him, After been free from his brainwashing apollom finally helped the Fusion Fighters against DarknessBagramon.

Heroic Deeds

  • Helped Mickey against gravimon
  • Saved Shoutmon from GrandGeneramon (Imperfect)
  • Helped to Defeat DarknessBragramon.
  • Saved the Digiworld alongide the Fusion Fighters.
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